New Liite technology

Published : 01/17/2018 17:31:36
Categories : New products

The Liite solution offers many advantages

  • A flexible module that is adaptable to all the shapes and geometries imposed by individually designed lighting solutions. Products are available in long lengths.

  • Lightweight: lighter than modules using conventional printed circuits. Up to 70% lighter.

  • Long life: up to 50,000 hours.

  • Optimum luminous efficiency: high efficiency levels of up to 155 Lm/W.

  • Chemical resistance: high corrosion resistance (sulfur-resistant gold version and anti-yellowing white lacquer).

  • Color conversion: our phosphor dot formulations are developed in-house. As a result, the teams at Liite can easily adapt CCT, color, CRI and other parameters.

  • Ease of integration thanks to the adhesive rear face (no screws), substrate flexibility and thin profile for easier handling, front or rear connectors, etc. 

  • Materials that optimize heat dissipation.

  • Adaptable designs and electronic controls allow us to produce customized modules to customer specification and volume.
  • Reel-to-Reel manufacture enabling our technology to be implemented over very long lengths.

Siilver LED module Liite