Tailored solutions...

Liite offers a multitude of solutions for traditional lighting applications. Our modules are fully compatible with every type of lighting equipment available in the market today.

Their many configuration options (CCT, CRI, lengths, power ratings, etc.) mean that our solutions cover the full range of traditional applications:

           - Residential
           - CHR (Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants)
           - Industry
           - Offices
           - Healthcare facilities
           - Stores
           - External lighting

Their shape means that our modules are compatible with all lighting solutions that use linear sources (download our dedicated linear solutions brochure):

           - Trunking
           - Tiles
           - Triproofs
           - Luminaires
           - Battens
           - Floodlights
           - Wall lights
           - Tubes and lamps
           - Others

Today’s lighting solutions are required to deliver long working life, which in turn requires stable levels of brightness. Until now, this was possible only using rigid lighting modules. But now, the Liite flexible LED module introduces new solutions and new opportunities.

Commercial led lighting
Commercial lighting
Industrial led lighting