Based in France, Liite is the new LED brand of Linxens SAS (created 2016), the French specialist in smartcard modules manufactured directly on flexible substrates.

The Linxens Group

Linxens is a global provider of packaged electronic solutions for the security and identity markets. Linxens is a major force in the design and production of smartcard microconnectors and RFID antennas and inlays. Linxens is the world’s leading supplier to the identification, secure payment, telecommunications, transportation and e-government markets.

With 8 production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, Linxens makes its large-scale production capacity available to its customers, and delivers guaranteed products and technical reliability based on the advanced research work carried out in its 4 R&D centers. More than 6 billion people around the world use our products every day.

The company reported €500 million in revenue for 2017, and employs 3,000 people worldwide.

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By transposing its expertise to LED applications, the company has succeeded in developing new and revolutionary lighting solutions. 

Linxens now has the capability to integrate and package LEDs directly onto flexible substrates in continuous and long lengths. Although flexible linear solutions already exist, they are used in most cases for decorative purposes, are not very durable and are therefore not comparable with the new products from the Liite brand. But now, the Liite flexible LED module introduces new solutions and new opportunities. 

The company is working cooperatively with lighting manufacturers of all sizes, from small companies to multinationals. Liite is also working on many traditional lighting applications, as well as with a broad diversity of markets, including transportation projects with the automotive and aviation industries.

We already market a very extensive range of standard products (our solutions). In addition to these off-the-shelf solutions, Liite also has the capability to develop bespoke products across a broad spectrum of customer requirements. Because it has complete control of the manufacturing process (LED package, phosphor dot formulation, color conversion, etc.), Liite can offer high-volume production of bespoke products.

A 3,000 square meter production facility based in France, dedicated to LED solutions has been specially created in France, and now employs around a hundred people.