The new Liite substrate is the ultimate result of a lengthy Research & Development process. 


This new technology has enabled the development of a simplified solder-free structure that can be integrated very easily into lighting products. With optimum luminous efficiency, extremely easy integration and improved heat dissipation, the Liite LED module provides an innovative solution for today’s LED lighting needs, whether for industry, retail, offices or even aircraft and automobiles.

Why should you put your faith in the expertise of Liite as a manufacturer of LED and lighting equipment?

Because we have complete and integrated control of all the technological building blocks required to produce light sources, Liite has built a substantial lighting systems knowledge base, ranging from LED characterization and qualification to electrical, lighting and optical engineering and LED light source manufacture.

Liite is also expert in light generation and color conversion, thanks to our own in-house phosphor dot formulation chemistry. We are able to adapt our products and services in response to customer requests by customizing the following criteria: luminous flux, lighting uniformity, CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) and CRI (Color Rendering Index).

Our phosphor dots are encapsulated in a silicone-based resin, because this material provides higher thermal resistance, no yellowing over time, an excellent level of transparency and a high refractive index.