Our mission is to satisfy customers through our Zero Defect strategy, high service levels and commitment to being socially responsible.

Zero Defect Target

It is our unbending quest for Quality that our Customers have valued from day one. They know that, whatever their needs, we strive to turn their ideas into reality using cutting edge technologies and highest manufacturing and services standards. Throughout our design and production processes and in the minds of all our employees is the drive to achieve greatness by meeting our customers’ needs. 

We actively seek a Zero Defect target for our products and services. This is why we have implemented our Zero Defect program based on (Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC) practice which permeates our production processes from design to delivery so that reliability and consistency are never compromised. Operating alongside the Linxens Lean Manufacturing program, the Zero Defect program has invested significant amount in automatic fault detection solutions for production lines. We also invite our Customers to join us in detailed in-field investigations on product performance. This collaboration means that the products are always geared towards the precise needs of the Customer. Expert guidance on best practices is always offered as well. 

Standards and Certifications

LIITE products are recognized by highest level of industry standards.
Our organisation comply with the strict standards of the industry, notably: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
It incorporates standards for addressing and supporting all processes associated with manufacturing excellence, such as purchasing, R&D and project management.
We develop new products basically in accordance with international regulations and standards such as EN 62031, EN 60598 and EN 62471, REACH and ROHS, Low voltage and Electromagnetic regulations. Our strategy involves us to adapt to many other international or specific markets, standards and regulations.